Tom Kreitler quoted in Institutional Investor’s Alpha “Why Fundamentally-Focused Managers Are Struggling” by Irwin Speizer

Thomas Kreitler, who leads the hedge fund and liquid strategies fundraising team at Rowayton, Connecticut-based fund placement firm Eaton Partners, contends that managers need to stay abreast of analytical methods besides fundamentals. His firm continues to seek managers who have solid credentials in fundamental analysis but looks for those who are able to incorporate other metrics and borrow from other strategies, as the situation dictates. Kreitler says equity managers using fundamental analysis need to add three extra layers of analysis: a macro overlay, an event-driven perspective and technical analysis.

“We are still strong believers in fundamental analysis as an alpha driver,” he explains. “We rarely work with a manager that isn’t fundamentally based. Having said that, it is really important for managers to incorporate other elements into a strategy. Just fundamentals without any sense of timing is a loser.”

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