Eaton Partners’ Jeff Eaton quoted in FundFire article “Private Equity Marketers Revamp to Survive” by Tom Stabile

Excerpts for the article can be found below.  FundFire’s website can be accessed at: FUNDfire

Placement agent firms are also bolstering other skill sets to match up with the increasingly diverse and sophisticated tastes of limited partners (LPs), says Jeff Eaton, partner at Eaton Partners, a marketing firm based in Rowayton, Conn. Some of the newer areas of interest, such as private equity secondaries and direct investing, were once only the purview of specialized brokerage shops. 

“The appetite for alternatives has grown substantially, and LPs are becoming more global and specific at the same time in what they want,” he says. 


Eaton Partners is also trying to build its presence as a liaison between managers and large wealth management groups, such as the wirehouse brokerages, which often set up feeder funds for their advisors to access private equity funds. Private equity managers often don’t have established relationships with the “gatekeepers” at large advisory firms, providing an opening for placement agents to make connections, Eaton says. 


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