FUNDfire article “More Private Equity Platforms Take Aim at Advisors” by Tom Stabile

In addition to CAIS, recent entrants include iCapital Network, Circle Squared Alternative Investments, and Venovate, all of which launched last year; Artivest, which this year got a $15 million capital investment from KKR; and ACE Portal, which has been expanding a private placement platform to also raise capital for private equity funds.

Each of the platforms uses slightly different models, with some aiming more for operational and transactional functions, and others – such as Palico and RealConnex – highlighting their tools that match up investors and fund managers.

Many of the platforms are signing up big strategic partners, including CAIS tapping into the investment consulting expertise of Mercer, ACE partnering with the New York Stock Exchange, and iCapital working with a slate of placement agents, including Eaton Partners, Park Hill Group, and Monument Group.


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