Fund Partnership Eaton Partners Investment Focus Mandate Fund Size
Brightstar Capital Partners Fund I, LPEaton PartnersMiddle Market Buyout2018$710,000,000
Trinitas Capital Management LLCEaton PartnersDirect Private Placement2018$405,000,000
AMERRA Agri Private Equity Fund, LPEaton PartnersAgribusiness2018$300,000,000
Genbridge Capital Fund I, LPEaton PartnersChina Consumer Growth Equity2017$500,000,000
Asia Alternatives Capital Partners V, L.P.Eaton PartnersFund of Funds2017$1,515,000,000
NSSK II (INTL) Investment L.P.Eaton PartnersJapan Lower-Middle Market Buyout2017$530,000,000
First Infrastructure Capital, L.P.Eaton PartnersDirect Energy Infrastructure Investments2017$1,000,000,000
C-Bridge China Healthcare Fund II, L.P.Eaton PartnersChina Healthcare2017$400,000,000
Oak Hill Capital Partners IVEaton PartnersUS Middle Market Buyout2017$2,650,000,000
MCH Iberian Capital Fund IVEaton PartnersSpanish Middle Market Buyout2017€347,570,000
PA Direct Credit Opportunities Fund IIEaton PartnersMezzanine Credit2017$740,000,000
Hosen Fund III, LPEaton PartnersChina Food & Agriculture Specialist2017$440,700,000
Northern Shipping Fund III LPEaton PartnersSecured Maritime Credit2016$505,000,000
AMERRA Agri Fund III, LP, AMERRA Agri Offshore Fund III LP & Separate AccountsEaton PartnersAgribusiness Credit2016$820,000,000
Essex Woodlands Fund IXEaton PartnersHealthcare Growth Equity2016$543,100,000
Lime Rock Partners Fund VII, L.P.Eaton PartnersE&P and Oilfield Services2016$500,000,000
TPH Midstream Opportunities FundEaton PartnersMidstream Energy Equities2016$500,000,000
AE Industrial Partners Fund I, L.P.Eaton PartnersMiddle Market Industrial Buyout 2016$680,000,000
KERN Energy Partners IV FundEaton PartnersCanadian Upstream Energy & Services2015C$440,000,000
ADV Opportunities Fund I, L.P.Eaton PartnersAsia Special Situations2015$545,000,000
CDIB Capital Asia Partners L.P.Eaton PartnersAsia Growth Equity2015$405,000,000
Ridgewood Energy Oil & Gas Fund III, L.P.Eaton PartnersDirect Offshore Upstream Oil & Gas2015$1,940,000,000
BPE Asia Real Estate Fund, L.P.Eaton PartnersAsia Real Estate2015$365,000,000
Asia Alternatives Capital Partners IV, L.P., AACP IV Ex-Japan Investors, L.P., & Separate AccountsEaton PartnersAsia-Focused Private Equity Fund of Funds2015$1,800,000,000
C-Bridge China Healthcare Fund, L.P.Eaton PartnersChina Healthcare2015$185,500,000
Molpus Woodlands Fund IV, L.P. & Separate AccountsEaton PartnersTimberland2014$762,500,000
Turnbridge Capital Partners I, L.P.Eaton PartnersEnergy Services2014$400,000,000
BlackGold Opportunity Fund LPEaton PartnersEvent Driven Energy2014$400,000,000
Orion Mine Finance Fund I-AEaton PartnersMetals & Mining2014$564,000,000
Kuramo Africa Opportunity FundEaton PartnersSub-Saharan Africa Fund of Funds2014$112,500,000
SJC Direct Lending Fund IIEaton PartnersUS Direct Lending Credit2013$1,500,000,000
Benefit Street PartnersEaton PartnersRelative Value Corporate Credit2013$360,000,000
Ridgewood Energy Oil & Gas Fund II L.P.Eaton PartnersDirect Offshore Upstream Oil & Gas2013$1,100,000,000
ICG Europe Fund VEaton PartnersEuropean Mezzanine2012€2,500,000,000
Asia Alternatives Capital Partners III, L.P. & Separate AccountsEaton PartnersAsia Fund of Funds2012$1,508,000,000
RK Mine Finance Fund IIEaton PartnersMining and Metals2012$1,150,000,000
Energy Trust Partners IVEaton PartnersOnshore Upstream Oil & Gas2012$173,750,000
Summit Partners Credit Fund, L.P.Eaton PartnersCredit2012$520,000,000
Omega AdvisorsEaton PartnersLong / Short Large Cap Equity2011$500,000,000
Summit Partners Growth Equity Fund VIIIEaton PartnersGrowth Equity2011$2,700,000,000
Avista Capital Partners Fund III, L.P.Eaton PartnersUpper Middle Market Buyout2011$1,400,000,000
P2 Capital PartnersEaton PartnersOperational Activist / US Small Cap Equity2011$440,000,000
BDCM Opportunity Fund III, L.P.Eaton PartnersDistressed Debt2011$800,000,000
Molpus Woodlands Fund III, L.P. & Separate AccountsEaton PartnersTimberland2011$839,500,000
Energy Recapitalization and Restructuring Fund, L.P.Eaton PartnersDiversified Energy2011$703,000,000
Energy Infrastructure FundEaton PartnersEnergy Infrastructure2010$1,230,000,000
Ag Real Value FundEaton PartnersAgriculture2010$496,000,000
Alterna Core Capital Assets Fund, L.P.Eaton PartnersCore Capital Assets2010$428,000,000
Quintana Energy Partners II, L.P.Eaton PartnersDiversified Energy2010$344,000,000
Energy Buyout FundEaton PartnersEnergy Buyout2009$8,821,000,000
Landmark Equity Partners XIV, L.P.Eaton PartnersSecondaries2009$2,000,000,000
Moor Park Real Estate Fund III, L.P.Eaton PartnersEuropean Opportunistic Real Estate2009€500,000,000
Landmark Real Estate Fund, VI, L.P.Eaton PartnersSecondaries2009$720,000,000
MacFarlane Urban Real Estate Fund III, L.P.Eaton PartnersU.S. Urban Real Estate2009$250,000,000
Welton Global InvestmentsEaton PartnersSystematic Global Macro2009$100,000,000
Asia Alternatives Capital Partners II, L.P.Eaton PartnersAsia Fund of Funds2008$950,000,000
O’Connor North American Property Partners II, L.P.Eaton PartnersOpportunistic Real Estate2008$528,500,000
Tara India Fund III, L.L.C.Eaton PartnersIndia Private Equity2008$225,000,000
Trophy Property Development, L.P.Eaton PartnersChina Mixed-Use Real Estate2008$1,050,000,000
MacFarlane Urban Real Estate Fund II, L.P.Eaton PartnersU.S. Urban Real Estate2007$1,000,000,000
Centerline High Yield CMBS Fund III, L.L.C.Eaton PartnersHigh Yield CMBS2008$580,000,000
Asia Alternatives Capital Partners, L.P.Eaton PartnersAsia Fund of Funds2007$515,000,000
Alinda Infrastructure Fund I, L.P.Eaton PartnersGlobal Infrastructure2007$3,000,000,000
BDCM Opportunity Fund II, L.P.Eaton PartnersDistressed Debt2006$982,000,000
Capital Today China Growth Fund, L.P.Eaton PartnersChina Private Equity2006$280,000,000
Partners Group Secondary, L.P.Eaton PartnersSecondary Fund of Funds2006€1,000,000,000
Partners Group European Buyout 2005 (A), L.P.Eaton PartnersEuropean Buyout Fund of Funds2006€368,000,000
Burgundy Asset ManagementEaton PartnersDomestic Small Cap Value2006$1,200,000,000
Partners Group European Buyout 2005 (B), L.P.Eaton PartnersEuropean Buyout Fund of Funds2005€279,000,000
Partners Group Asia-Pacific 2005, L.P.Eaton PartnersPan-Asian Fund of Funds2005$375,000,000
Tenaska Power Fund, L.P.Eaton PartnersPower Buyout2005$838,000,000
JMI Equity V, L.P.Eaton PartnersSoftware Venture Capital2005$300,000,000
Permal Asset ManagementEaton PartnersHedge Fund of Funds2004$1,400,000,000
ARCap Investors II, L.L.C.Eaton PartnersHigh Yield and Diversified Risk Real Estate2004$504,000,000
O’Connor North American Property Partners, L.P.Eaton PartnersHigh Yield Real Estate2004$528,000,000
BDCM Opportunity Fund, L.P.Eaton PartnersDistressed Debt2003$416,000,000
Wind Point Partners V, L.P.Eaton PartnersMiddle Market Buyouts2002$476,000,000
ARCap Investors, L.L.C.Eaton PartnersHigh Yield and Diversified Risk Real Estate2002$386,000,000
Northstar Seidler Mezzanine Partners III, L.P.Eaton PartnersMezzanine Capital for Middle Market Business2002$128,000,000
Lend Lease International Distressed Debt FundEaton PartnersAsian Distressed Debt2001$350,000,000
CHL Medical Partners II, L.P.Eaton PartnersVenture Capital2001$160,000,000
Patron Capital PartnersEaton PartnersOpportunistic European Real Estate2001$150,000,000
Sterling Investment Partners, L.P.Eaton PartnersMiddle Market Buyouts2001$250,000,000
Sandler Capital Partners V, L.P.Eaton PartnersPrivate Equity for Communications2000$780,000,000
Dalton, Greiner, Hartman, Maher & Co.Eaton PartnersSmall Cap Value1999$1,000,000,000
Koll Bren Opportunity Fund VI, L.P.Eaton PartnersEnhanced Core Real Estate1999$313,000,000
Swander Pace Capital Partners II, L.P.Eaton PartnersConsumer-Oriented Companies1999$220,000,000
Telecom Partners III, L.P.Eaton PartnersVenture Capital1999$500,000,000
Dominion FundEaton PartnersVenture Capital1999$136,000,000
Koll Bren Opportunity Fund V, L.P.Eaton PartnersEnhanced Core Real Estate1998$217,000,000
Telecom Partners II, L.P.Eaton PartnersVenture Capital1998$125,000,000
Northstar Seidler Mezzanine Partners II, L.P.Eaton PartnersPrivate Equity1998$120,000,000
Koll Bren Realty AdvisorsEaton PartnersDomestic Real Estate1997$321,000,000
Wand Equity Portfolio II, L.P.Eaton PartnersPrivate Equity1997$175,000,000
Reich & Tang Capital ManagementEaton PartnersSmall Cap Capital Management1997$350,000,000
Veronis, Suhler & Associates II, L.P.Eaton PartnersPrivate Equity1995$330,000,000
AIG Asian Infrastructure Fund L.P.Eaton PartnersAsian Infrastructure1994$1,087,000,000
Martin Currie, Ltd.Eaton PartnersInternational Equity Management1992$800,000,000
Tiger ManagementEaton PartnersMacro Hedge Fund1991$440,000,000
Southeastern Asset ManagementEaton PartnersDomestic Equity Management1990$740,000,000
Veronis, Suhler & Associates, L.P.Eaton PartnersPrivate Equity1985$57,000,000
Value Line Asset ManagementEaton PartnersDomestic Equity Management1985$245,000,000